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Football is here!!!!

Posted by Kendra on 2010/09/02

Ok all you football fans, are you deciding on where to watch College and NFL football this season?  If you haven’t been in CK’s in a while, you should know we have all new Big Screens and all the 35+ TVs are High Definition…so you will get to watch all your favorite games in HIGH DEF!!!!  Along with Domestic Draft specials and our daily specials, you can’t go anywhere else but CK’s!!!

Also to kick off the season, we have new CK’s shirts to purchase with all proceeds being donated to Breast Cancer Research!!!  Buy one while they are still available!!!

11 Responses to Football is here!!!!

  1. Adan Hinojosa says:

    Pictures of the shirt, pretty please?

    • Pats Fan says:

      Cowboys suck but Stacey is still hot!! Hooray Football!!

  2. WVU fan says:

    Will the WVU vs Maryland football game be on at 9am there tomorrow?
    (It’s on ESPN-U, which is a channel I’ve never even heard of.)

    • Tommy says:

      It should be! We’ve got that channel, and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be on. Just come in and let your server know that you’d like to watch that game.

    • CK's says:

      Yes!!! CK’s has WVU and Maryland on the schedule for tomorrow!!! See you at 9!!

      • Tommy says:

        :) See you tomorrow!

        • WVU fan says:

          Woo-hoo! Todd & I will see you folks bright & early then! Thansk for the prompt replies! :)

          • WVU fan says:

            I meant “Thanks”. I can spell, I just got excited. LOL!

  3. Bear/Cardinals Fan says:

    My husband and I are die hard Bears and Cardinals fans. Will you be playing both games tomorrow morning? We also read on another website that you play Bears game audio, is that true??

    • Tommy says:

      Of course! I can’t promise there will be great audio for the games, but you will be able to watch both games. (and by the way, Go Bears!) ;)

  4. CKs says:

    We will have the Bears and Cardinals game on! The Bears will have sound in the hightops and the Cardinals will have sound in the dining room. U should be able to see both games from any seat but u will want to arrive early because we will be busy early! See you tomorrow.