Welcome to the new CKGrill.com!

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So this is our new website!  Hope you like it.  We’ve switched over to a different format so that we can interact with our customers a little better.  Before, you could see what was going on and plan accordingly.  Now you can see what’s going on and actually talk to us.  We can respond just like we do when you’re sitting at CK’s.  There will be blog posts, a spot just for regulars, photos, our live music schedule, links to other places CK’s is online, and more!

We’ve been doing business as CK’s for 5 years now.  Along the way, there have been many great moments, great lessons, a few friends lost, and many more gained.  You’ve gotten to know our great staff, and in turn, they’ve gotten to know you.  We like to pride ourselves not only on our food, but on our staff and customers as well.  They’re how we keep our doors open while other places are having to shut down.  CK’s is truly blessed to have the staff and customers that we do.  We wouldn’t be here without you!

When a lot of our regulars walk in, we try to have their favorite drink already poured for them.  If you’re new to CK’s, then you’re just a friend we haven’t met yet.  Hopefully we can get to know you and invite you back for another visit.  Maybe we’ll have your drink poured for you on your next visit!  We have a full bar, and plenty of great drink specials.  Along with some really great food specials, including happy hour, a special for the day, and a soup of the day,  we’re bound to have something you like!  Did you know that a 16 oz. Heineken draft is $2.50 all day, everyday?  Yeah, you heard right!  All day, everyday!  And more good news, there are many more $2.50 drink specials that are from open to close.

So if you haven’t already, come in and join in on the fun.  Meet some new friends, eat some great food, and hang out with us!

See you at CK’s