Become the Mayor of CK’s

Become the mayor of CK’s?  How do you do that?  Well there’s a great smart phone application that’s been created called Foursquare.  It’s a cross between a friend finder, a social city guide and a game that rewards you for doing fun and interesting things.  As you go around and visit different places, you “check in” as you arrive.  Different places will award you cleverly named badges, and points for going out and exploring your city.  If  you check in the most at a certain place, you become the mayor.  What does becoming the mayor get you?  Well at CK’s it gets you happy hour pricing on food and drink, all day long!  But only if you’re the current mayor will you get the special.  We are the first business in Phoenix to adopt the Mayor Special concept.  So if you think that getting our awesome happy hour pricing any time you come to CK’s sounds enticing, join Foursquare and start checking in!

Update: Every 10th check in gets you a 1¢ drink, or half off your meal!

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