Stephani Walker

I have worked at Ck’s Tavern and Grill for five years now. I truly enjoy my job, it is an exciting place to work. I would really contribute the success of the restaurant to the friendly and loyal patrons who have played a huge role in the popularity and overall success of the business. Ck’s Tavern and Grill is not only the place that I work, but it is also like a second home. The employees are wonderful and we have all formed a family like relationship. The employees have also had a large part in the success of Ck’s Tavern and Grill. We have become friends with the customers and have formed a tight knit relationship with our patrons. This family dynamic that we share at the restaurant has really been founded on the wonderful family owners of Ck’s Tavern and Grill. They work hard to make everyone feel welcomed and content by delivering superior service. I do not believe we would still be in business if it were not for the trust and respect we have for each other. We all work together to help make Ck’s successful and I have been privileged enough to be a part of this wonderful family dynamic that has helped make the restaurant an absolute success.

-Stephani Walker